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|herpes outbreak cure|Question by : Curing herpes outbreak on mouth?
I got an outbreak just recently, this has been the first in like 4-5 monthes. IS that bad? and I kind of touched it and tried to pop it...is that bad? I hope it's not infected...and it won't be as bad as the pictures on google right? I am wandering if the outbreak will go away if i treat it correctly, and there would be no marks around my mouth? can people help me so that i won't get as much outbreaks and how to get rid of them as fast as you can?
I hope it is not infected? i am scared of the pictures they post on google. could it get that bad. this is the only thing i have. I scabbed it a little, and kept touching it I am scared of infection. Is there a way to cure it?

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Answer by LWGH2010
Typically herpes outbreaks are worse during the first outbreak and for most people their frequency and severity will decrease in time. So to answer your question, I seriously doubt that they will get worse. You've probably already had experienced the worse.

You shouldn't pop herpes blisters. Let them heal on their own. The clear liquid inside the blisters can get onto your fingers and can infect other parts of your body. Always wash your hand thoroughly with soap and warm water after touching.

There is no cure for herpes but you can effectively control it through several different ways such as through your diet, prescription drugs, supplements (Lysine), etc. Do some research and you'll uncover many different treatment methods. Everybody is different so you may have to try several different treatments before you find one that's right for you.

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